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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If there is template for Conference Proceeding (IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering), then what is Extended Abstract for?

Extended abstract will be published in our Abstract Book while a specific format/template should be used for publication in the Conference Proceeding. The template can be downloaded from Submission > Paper Submission page.

2. Is it okay if I have the same title for my publication in Conference Proceeding and SI Journal?

The following is a general guidance from the journal editor.
It is not unusual for papers to be submitted that are based on conference papers, which may have been published elsewhere. However, they require special care. The submitted paper must have been substantially revised, expanded and rewritten so that it is significantly different from the conference paper or presentation on which it is based. The author should upload the original conference paper as a supplementary file to enable the Guest Editor(s) to make a comparison. Before final acceptance, Guest Editors should be satisfied that the paper is sufficiently different to make it a new, original work. This is unlikely to be the case if less than 50% of the paper is clearly new. This is a matter of judgment that should be based on a comparison of the submitted paper with the original conference paper.

If you are concerned that the similarity of the title of conference paper and the article in SI journal would be a future problem, you may change the title of your full paper (for publication in SI) a little bit to describe the expansion of its content from the conference paper.

3. Are the publication in Conference Proceeding and SI Journals guaranteed?

Publication in IOP Conference Series (Scopus indexed) is guaranteed subject to a satisfactory revision made after peer review by ESChE'19.
The publication in SI Journals depends on the result of the review process made through the publisher's manuscript submission system. However, with the cooperation from the each SI journals' Guest Editor teams, we will try our best to guide you to improve you paper so that your paper will be accepted for publication in the SI journals. Our journal SI scheme ensure that your manuscript is reviewed, not rejected before review. Review of full paper SI is not done by ESChE'19 committee. You are advised to prepare a good quality paper to ensure acceptance in the journal SI.

4. I heard that Waste and Biomass Valorization (WBV) and Comptes Rendus Chimie (CRC) is already closed for submission. Is that true?

No, it's just a misunderstanding. Actually, WBV and CRC are only closed for selection for new abstract submissions (special permission). If you have already chosen WBV or CRC when you submitted your abstract using online submission form, then you hould be able to submit a full paper. 

5. What is the minimum number of pages for an IOP-formatted paper ?

4 pages is our advice. 

6. I just have received my acceptance letter and invoice via email. So, I don't think that I can catch the early bird rate on March 25. Is there a way that I can still get the early bird rate?

After a thorough discussion on March 22, we have decided that Early Bird Registration for participants who received the Acceptance Letter and Invoice after 10 March 2019 is extended 30 days from the date of the email sent. 

Please take note that this extension is specially for participants who received he Acceptance Letter and Invoice for the first time, not included the participant who requested for amendment for their invoices. 

7. I am planning to pay my conference fee using Purchase Order (PO) or Local Order (LO). Is there any process I have to go through before that? 

Yes, we accept an institutional Purchase Order (PO) or Local Order (LO). We don't accept a Letter of Undertaking.  Please check for other payment options.

8. I want to pay my conference fee using PO, so I have submitted my acceptance letter and invoice together with all needed documents to the bursary in my institution. However, the bursary informed me that the process will take up to one month until the PO is issued. Hence, I afraid that I will miss the Early Bird rate. 

No worries. We accept the LO and PO as payment guarantee. Kindly submit the LO or PO to us before the Early Bird registration closed. The PO or LO must be couriered to us before the conference. In case you cannot, please send to us the scanned copy through

9. What if I have paid my conference fee using my own money or I have secured the LO or PO with me, but I have not finished my full paper. Should I register first using Online Registration Form in the website without uploading the full paper? Again, I worried that I will miss the Early Bird rate if I wait much longer. 

In this case, just send us your payment proof (payment receipt/LO/PO etc.) to us via email before the Early Bird registration closed. When you have finished with your full paper, then submit the paper using Online Registration Form in our website. Please be informed that the final date for full paper submission has been extended until April 15 as stated in the front page of this website.